5-6 DECEMBER 2017


Hofincons is a 40 year old brand with approximately 4700+ employees with expertise in Industrial Asset Management including Plant Operations, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, Fabrication and Erection, Shutdown Maintenance Services, Materials and Data Management Services. The company is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified. Headquartered in Chennai, our operations are spread across 35 sites in 11 States in India; with presence in the Middle East, Africa and Malaysia. We cater to a range of industrial sectors including Power, Metal, Oil and Gas, and Engineering.
Ayasta was founded in 2017 with the objective of digitising electrical. Ayasta's vision is to infuse existing electrical infrastructure with intelligence by using technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, Computer Vision & Blockchain, the ultimate outcomes of which are to create an Intelligent Connected Grid and build Grid to Socket Intelligence inside facilities. Ayasta is currently working with Indian & European Fortune 500 & Forbes 2000 companies in Oil & Gas, Energy, Pharma & Telecom. We have generated more than $10 million in value to our customers by improving efficiency and enhancing safety. Ayasta has built a proprietary platform called CEGMA™, which is a culmination of Sensors, ML & CV to monitor, analyse and detect anomalies in the electrical systems both inside a given facility and outside in the electrical grid. We enhance transparency and accountability when it comes to Electrical assets. CEGMA™ quantifies risk and generates alerts which help prevent downtimes. By delivering the right information & insights to our customers at the right time, we prevent failures which could lead to expensive downtimes. Also, by enforcing transparency, we create a new maintenance paradigm which reduces costs and increases efficiency
Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. (DIATECH) was formed in 1989 with the idea of providing on-site repairs & overhauls of motors & generators. Today, it specializes in condition assessment of motors, generators, cables, transformers & switchgear with clientele from oil & gas, petrochemical, cement, metal, power generation, fertilizer and other sectors.

The company is led by a core team comprising of the Chairman S. D. Korde (53 years experience with Crompton, GEB, etc.), Managing Director Aditya Korde (23 years with DIATECH) and Vice President Vasant Deshmukh (43 years experience with Tata Consulting Engineers, Jacobs, Reliance, UHDE, etc.). They are ably supported by a strong team of 18 engineers & 25 technicians with many years of experience and formal training. Further technical strength is added by tie-ups with leading multinationals like Areva Inc., All-Test Pro LLC, b2HV GmbH and HVPD Ltd.

DIATECH performs all electrical testing in compliance with relevant IEEE, IEC & ISO standards. International trainers are regularly brought in to enhance the knowledge & skills of the engineers. All these aspects help maintain its reputation as India’s premier company for Electrical Condition Assessment.